Ten Essentials - 10 Essential Articles for Supply Chain Managers

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We have selected ten of the very best articles from Supply Chain Management Review for this special edition.The topics covered range from developing key leadership skills to effectively managing suppliers to smart supply chain planning. Also included are real-world examples of supply chain excellence from leaders like Wal-Mart and Cisco.


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These articles reflect true best practices in supply chain management. Collectively, they bring a wealth of “need-to-know” information to anyone tasked with doing today’s supply chain job. We hope that you can put the insights presented here into practice both in your organization and in your professional life.

Here are our ten “essential” articles:

1: Seven Principles of Supply Chain Management
2: Supply Chain Transformation: A Leader’s Guide
3: The Greening of Wal-Mart’s Supply Chain
4: Benchmarking: Get the Gain without the Pain
5: How to Spot an At-risk Supplier
6: How Cisco Succeeds at Risk Management
7: Procurement: The Missing Link in Innovation
8: Champion of Green: Q & A with Drew Schramm
9: How to Succeed with Supply Chain Planning
10: Putting the Structure in Decision Making