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This report builds upon our previous reports leveraging our proprietary database of 6,398 3PL customer relationships to provide detailed information on the top outsourcers to 3PLs, trends in service demand, and 3PL market size and growth estimates by vertical industry segment from 2005 through 2013E for the Fortune 1000 Domestic and 500 Global. The report breaks down technology, retailing, elements and other vertical industries into their sub segments. Details on the types of services being performed by vertical industry are highlighted. 3PL strength by vertical industry is also covered.
Armstrong & Associates, Inc.
This definitive analysis explores trends in the 3PL industry and its major segments. Segment profitability and growth is detailed. Revenue and profitability information from top public and private 3PLs is examined. Historical trends, 2013 results and 2014 estimates are included. Global 3PL market estimates by country and region are also provided. ARMSTRONG & ASSOCIATES, INC.



Modern Materials Handling magazine has released it's annual study on lift truck fleet management. Research for the 2014 Lift Truck Fleet Management Study was conducted by Peerless Research Group (PRG) among qualified subscribers to Modern Materials Handling magazine. This report will help materials handling professionals better understand how lift trucks are acquired and how fleets are being managed.

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The 30th Annual Logistics Management Salary Survey, conducted by Peerless Research Group (PRG), offers the clearest look available at current levels earned by U.S. logistics and supply chain managers. This data is broken down by title, job responsibilities, years with current employer, years in the field, as well as salary by U.S. region. The 2014 survey also offers an in-depth look at the level of job satisfaction.

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In December 2013, Modern Materials Handling magazine conducted its annual State of the Conveyor Market study. This research was conducted among top materials handling professionals to better understand organizations' conveyor usage in warehousing and distribution environments, and how order fulfillment and inventory management activities are driving changes to conveying systems designs.

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Peerless Research Group (PRG), in conjunction with Logistics Management and Modern Materials Handling magazines, has released its 2014 Warehouse & Distribution Center Equipment and Technology Survey, the clearest look available at how U.S. companies are planning to invest in warehouse and distribution center (DC) equipment and technology over the next 12 months.

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The Guide breaks down Transportation & Logistics Responsibilities into Four Management Sections plus providing A Glossary of T&L Terms and Acronyms. Provides the readers with specific, concrete examples of how your organizations can better manage transportation costs as part of overall logistics and business management.


Which skills and competencies are needed to get a job in logistics and supply chain management? How are the universities preparing people for a successful career in this profession?

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This study was conducted by Peerless Media's Research Group on behalf of Logistics Management and Supply Chain Management Review magazines to better understand the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms and solutions for supply chain and logistics application.

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Modern Materials Handling magazine conducted its inaugural Software Usage Study to better understand the usage and adoption of software applications used in materials handling environments. 

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To better understand the career evolution of the supply chain professional, Supply Chain Management Review surveyed 185 top executives to learn more about their backgrounds, the skill sets required both today and in the future, and the pursuits that are most useful in propelling individuals on to a successful career in supply chain management.

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