Cost/Price Trend Reports

Negotiator's Benchmark Databook
Cost/Price Trend Reports for Negotiating, Pricing, and Planning Logistics and Transportation Services

The Negotiator’s Benchmark Databook offers logistics and transportation management professionals access to relevant negotiation opportunities (and hazards) through cost/price trend reports that are designed to assist buyers in their strategic planning and forecasting of Trucking, Warehousing/3PL, Airliner, Rail, and Waterborne services.
Each Negotiator’s Benchmark Databook has helpful summary pages and reports on detailed cost categories in labor, materials, fuel, and purchased services. Index data and spending data (per $100 of sales) provide insights into price/cost escalation and estimated mark-ups. With ten years of monthly data, you’ll see long-term trends as well as the most recent turning points in prices, costs, and margins. 

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Provide analysis for logistics, procurement, and finance professionals to:

  • Understand the cost drivers behind rates/prices
  • Validate carrier/supplier statements about cost changes
  • Evaluate the fairness of price requests
  • Deconstruct industry invoices into costs and margins
  • Anticipate supply disruptions
  • Develop smarter negotiating tactics

Negotiator's Benchmark Databooks are released the 2nd week of each month Excel files so you can extract and analyze the price, cost, and margin data in your own tactical and strategic supply decision processes. You can purchase a yearly subscription or purchase specific categories.


Negotiator's Benchmark Databook categories for U.S Markets include:

  • Trucking
  • Warehousing/3PL Services
  • Airliner
  • Rail
  • Waterborne


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Each category of the Negotiator's Benchmark Databook will demonstrate the value of looking past price alone with in-depth knowledge about underlying costs and margin analyses that will yield insights for Negotiating, Pricing, and Planning. The cost/price trends reveal both the short-term and the long-term negotiation advantages favoring buyers over suppliers