Software Study; 2011 State of the Industry

Was: $399.00
Now: $349.00

Modern Materials Handling magazine conducted its inaugural Software Usage Study to better understand the usage and adoption of software applications used in in materials handling environments.
Specific areas of evaluation include:
-   Company’s adoption of technology
-   Impact of the current state of the economy on software purchases
-   Annual spending on software
-   Usage of materials handling software solutions
-   Reasons for implementing materials handling software applications:  What challenges looking to address
-   Types of materials handling software solutions currently in use/planned for purchase or upgrade:
 - Supply Chain Management & Planning (SCMP)
 - Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
 - Transportation Management Software (TMS
 - Asset Tracking
 - Labor Management Software (LMS)
 - Slotting Software
 - Warehouse Control Systems Software (WCS)
 - Yard Management Systems (YMS)
-   Adoption, Upgrade and ROI timeline for each of these solutions (except TMS & Slotting)
-   Integrator for software installation
-   Challenges implementing materials handling software applications
-   Respondent Demographics