Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence: A Guide to Meaningful Metrics and Successful Results


By Sherry R. Gordon


Understanding supplier performance is vital to ensuring a well-functioning supply network. This how-to book will help you develop and implement an evaluation process to help you reduce costs, lower risk, and improve both the performance of your company and your suppliers.

This practical text includes examples of best practices that companies are using to evaluate suppliers and illustrates how to get beyond collecting data for the sake of data to achieving real results. It shows how to get at the meaning behind supplier metrics, and choose measurements that are meaningful both in the context of your company’s goals and also for the supplier. Supplier Evaluation and Performance Excellence helps you get at the root causes of supplier problems that even suppliers may be unaware of and enable them to make high-impact improvements.

Many firms do not know where to begin in the supplier evaluation process, what ways would work best, or even what kind of results they want to get. They know that they should be measuring supplier performance, but may not understand why or what they would gain from it. This book is geared toward managers at two types of companies: those who know that they should be measuring supplier performance but don’t know where to start, and companies who want ideas about how to improve or revitalize a current program.


Key Features:

  • Details the business case for supplier evaluation; where to start; what to measure; how to develop an evaluation process; strategies and approaches to supplier evaluation; and how to get from performance measurement to performance improvement
  • Categorizes the supply base to determine which suppliers to focus performance measurement on and what types of measurement is appropriate for different categories of suppliers
  • Outlines a process for developing a supplier evaluation program from overall strategy to execution
  • Discusses how to get from evaluation to action and presents supplier development approaches with examples of successful measurement strategies
  • Illustrates different approaches to understanding return on investment and positioning strategies for supplier evaluation to get management support for the process


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Getting Started
Chapter 3 – Choosing the Team and Developing the Plan
Chapter 4 – Developing an Evaluation Strategy
Chapter 5 – Determining What to Measure
Chapter 6 – Evaluation Approaches
Chapter 7 – Using Technology for Supplier Evaluation
Chapter 8 – Designing the Process
Chapter 9 – Measuring and Managing Supplier Performance
Chapter 10 – Recognition and Rewards
Chapter 11 – Supplier Development