Logistics and Manufacturing Outsourcing: Harness Your Core Competencies


By James A. Tompkins, Ph.D., Steven W. Simonson, Bruce W. Tompkins, and Brian E. Upchurch

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This is unlike any outsourcing book you have seen because it is specifically designed for logistics and manufacturing executives. To successfully outsource today, you need to gain a core competency in outsourcing, avoid setbacks, and understand how to keep the outsourcing relationship robust.

Most organizations do not have outsourcing as a core competency, and this is why so many outsourcing relationships fail. Altogether, the four authors of this book have nearly 100 years of solid experience in logistics and manufacturing outsourcing. They have seen outsourcing from all angles—either as providers, consultants, clients, attorneys or expert witnesses—and it is not always a pretty picture. This expertise makes the authors uniquely qualified to teach companies how to harness the real power behind outsourcing.

You will find several features of the book to be particularly useful:

  • Real-life case studies of successful and “not so successful” outsourcing;
  • An “Elevator Speech” summary of the entire book in the appendix. This is the perfect remedy for the “I’ve got a captive audience and need to state my case in five minutes” panic; and
  • A list of key risks associated with outsourcing and how to avoid them.

What Are People Saying About This Book?

“A highly practical guide that anyone even remotely interested in outsourcing would do well to consult.”
– Rama Ramaswami, Executive Editor, O+F/MCM

“This book takes strategic outsourcing a step further by presenting outsourcing as a core competency.”
– C. John Langley, Jr., Ph.D., former professor of supply chain management and 3PL

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