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Edited by James A. Tompkins, Ph.D., and Dale Harmelink

Within The Supply Chain Handbook are proven operations methodologies, your guide to evaluation of technologies and practical how-to instruction on topics impacting today’s supply chains. Each topic is explored in depth to provide readers with greater understanding and the ability to put the ideas presented into action.


by Dr. Edward H Frazelle

Inventory Strategy is a full-color playbook for maximizing financial, service, and operations performance with inventory strategy. This book is a journey through increasingly advanced inventory strategies and increasing levels of inventory management maturity.


Modern Materials Handling magazine has released it's annual study on lift truck fleet management. Research for the 2014 Lift Truck Fleet Management Study was conducted by Peerless Research Group (PRG) among qualified subscribers to Modern Materials Handling magazine. This report will help materials handling professionals better understand how lift trucks are acquired and how fleets are being managed.

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In December 2013, Modern Materials Handling magazine conducted its annual State of the Conveyor Market study. This research was conducted among top materials handling professionals to better understand organizations' conveyor usage in warehousing and distribution environments, and how order fulfillment and inventory management activities are driving changes to conveying systems designs.

Was: $299.00
Now: $249.00