Inventory Strategy



by Dr. Edward H Frazelle


Inventory Strategy is a full-color playbook for maximizing financial, service, and operations performance with inventory strategy. This book is a journey through increasingly advanced inventory strategies and increasing levels of inventory management maturity. The book employs a comprehensive mix of case studies, analytics, and illustrations to:

  • Confront prevailing inventory paradigms
  • Re-establish the fundamentals of inventory
  • Optimize inventory levels across financial, service, and operational perspectives

The book and its underlying RightStock™ model present a proven, fact-based, balanced, and logical means of determining the proper role and level of inventory in supply chain strategy. The model is responsible for more than $1 Billion in profit increases to date.


About the Author

Dr. Frazelle is President and CEO of Logistics Resources International and Executive Director of  RightChain™ Institute. He was the founding director of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech, the world's largest center for supply chain research and professional education. An educator, Dr. Frazelle has trained more than 50,000 supply chain professionals in the principles of world-class supply chain logistics; as a consultant he has assisted more than 100 companies and government agencies in the implementation of RightChain™ principles